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Senior Portrait FAQ's


Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in Kingston, MA and shoot all over New England, however, that doesn’t limit the area we're willing to cover for senior portraits!


Q: When should I schedule to get my Senior Portraits taken?
A: The sooner the better. It is best to have them taken the summer before your senior year starts. This will ensure your yearbook prints are submitted on time. Yearbook images are usually due sometime within the first month or two once school begins in the fall.


Q: How do I contact you?
A: You can call us at 617.365.9377, e-mail, or fill out our Contact Form. We are happy to meet, at a location of your choice, for a free consultation to discuss your needs.


Q: Do my parents need to be with me while I get my photos taken?
A: Yes. There needs to be at least one parent or guardian with you if you are a minor (under the age of 18) to fill out the contract and consent forms.


Q: How do I hire you for my Senior Portraits?
A: After a brief consultation, we will confirm our availability for your Senior Portrait date/time and discuss your specific needs. We will then send you a contract outlining our agreed upon expectations. To formally book us for your Senior Portrait sitting, a $50 non-refundable sitting fee is required and is due with your signed contract. Dan McHugh Photography can accept personal checks and cash payments for sitting fees.


Q: Why do I need to fill out a contract?
A: A contract is filled out for several reasons. One is to reserve your date on our calendar. Our contracts serve as a release which allows us to take your picture. Our contract with you specifies the details of your sitting and specifies all of the terms and agreements decided upon. We do require that a $50.00 non-refundable sitting fee be paid prior to your sitting.


Pricing and Packages:
Q: Do I have to choose and pay for my Senior Package in full before my sitting?
A: No, you do not have to choose and pay for your Senior Package in full before your sitting. Dan McHugh Photography wants you to have control over which photographs and packages you choose. We offer the ability to customize your package(s) and pay for them after the sitting.


Q: What pricing packages are available?
A: We offer several standard pricing packages designed to meet a wide range of budgets. We would be happy to explain our standard package pricing with you and will develop a custom proposal after a brief consultation.  Visit our Senior Portrait pricing page for our standard package information.


Q: What happens if I need/want more than your packages offer?
A: Dan McHugh Photography has created several packages for you to choose from. Additional items can be added to any package to customize our standard packages.


Q: Are there additional fees for retouching?
A: No, basic editing and retouching are built into the pricing of our products. The only exception to this rule is when significant reconstruction is involved - for example, removing braces - there may be a fee involved (typically $45.00 per hour).


Yearbook Pictures:
Q: How do I go about getting my yearbook picture to the school?
A: With the purchase of a photo package, Dan McHugh Photography will either mail or email the image of your choice to the yearbook staff by the deadline depending upon the format requested by the school. To ensure we meet your school's deadline, be sure to book your appointment early!


Q: My yearbook picture is due to the school soon. Due you rush orders?
A: Yes, Dan McHugh Photography will rush an order if necessary, however, there is a charge for all rush orders.


About your sitting:
Q: I do not live in Kingston. Do you travel and if so, what does it cost?
A: Yes, we shoot throughout New England with no travel charge up to 150 miles from Kingston, MA.


Q: How do you make sure each clients senior portraits are unique?
A: We try to customize each sitting:

• We focus on each client, which allows us the opportunity do develop different ideas, concepts, and locations.

• Because we shoot a number of different students from the same schools, we plan to utilize each location differently.

• We encourage our seniors to offer his/her choice of setting for at least one of our locations.

• We try to utilize outdoor locations as often as possible. This limits the repetative look as a result of photographing with the same studio backdrops.


Q: Do you take outdoor pictures?
A: Yes. At this time, Dan McHugh Photography specializes in outdoor photography for senior portraits. These can be done at the location of your choice or we can bring a portable studio to your home at no additional cost if you prefer a studio-like setting.


Q: How many outfit changes and locations are allowed in your sessions?
A: We do not put hard limits on these things and ultimately it is your decision. When you hire us to create your senior portraits you are paying for our time and talent. Keep in mind, the more time you spend changing clothes and traveling between locations, the less time you allow us to create your images.


Q: What should I bring to my appointment?
A: Depending upon which sitting you have chosen, bring the number of outfits you would like to wear in your pictures. Clothes that have wild, large, or bright patterns can be distracting and take the focus away from you. Please refrain from wearing logos. In addition, feel free to bring whatever items you would like to bring that express who you are. For example: Sports gear/uniform(s), musical instruments, pets, car/truck, etc.


Previewing and Ordering:
Q: How do I preview and order my images?
A: All images can be viewed through our Online Galleries. Galleries can be password protected at the clients request and remain online for a minimum of 1 year. Packages and individual photographs or merchandise can be purched online. Dan McHugh Photography accepts Visa and Mastercard through our online galleries. If you are not comfortable making purchases online, contact us and we can take your order over the phone and hand deliver your package direct to your door (phone orders require cash or check payments only).


Q: How long does it take to get my proofs back?
A: Dan McHugh Photography will contact you when your online proofs are uploaded to your personal gallery. It generally takes 1-2 weeks for your proofs to be ready for viewing.


Q: What format will my proofs be in?
A: Electronic proofs will be posted to our Online Galleries for viewing by family and friends. You will have a unique URL directing you directly to your online proofs. If you would like a set of 4x6 inch proofs we can arrange that for a nominal fee.


Additional Prints and Reorders:
Q: What is the process to order additional prints?
A: Upon receiving your proofs, you will have full access online to order additional prints, albums, books, etc. Payment in full (via credit card) is due at the time the order is placed online, or we can order your prints and payment will be due upon delivery (check and cash only).


Q: Is there a fee to reorder prints at a later time?
A: No, we do not charge a reorder fee. The cost of the prints would be the current price list at the time of the reorder (this may be higher than your initial purchase).


Q: Is there a minimum amount we need to order when we reorder prints?
A: No, there is not minimum amount required to reorder prints.